Chat on the search engine. New Challenges of Marketers?

Among the tools for digital marketers Unsurprisingly, chatbots are one of the more powerful tools. The challenge of using chatbots in the future may be a “place” for chatbots.

One interesting case is the Bing search engine Microsoft decided to put chat bot into their own search engine. (A small group test with restaurants in Seattle and nearby US areas during May)

The test pattern is When searching for restaurants in the area. In addition to displaying search results, the Bing screen also gives consumers the opportunity to ask questions about the bots of the restaurant, with questions that can be asked about the bots of the restaurant. It may be a simple question, such as having an outdoor dining table, etc. And as always, if the bots find unanswerable questions. It will be passed on to human workers as a reward.

However, putting a chat bot in the search engine that Microsoft made this may become another tool. The “experience” for consumers in the future is significant. For example When we find the product we want. We may place orders through the store’s chat. You do not have to go to the website – the store’s app is fine.

In addition, having a chat bot to answer the question in search engines will respond to newcomers to the impatient better. Because while the current search pattern. Consumers also need to search engine to get us to the site. It will load slowly or load quickly, it is not known. The experience on the page is how it is not known, so if this trial of Microsoft succeeds. It’s likely to see the new job of chatting on the search engine to create more experience for consumers.