17 essential skills in a new working world.

If you ask people in this age, many of the skills are needed to work today, and in the future. Some may say that what is needed is language. Some may answer that it is a matter of management. Or some people may say, you need to know the technology to go far. Here are more than 17 skills that people in this and next generation may need to prepare. What will be there? Follow it.



  • Editing  – Workers of the next generation should have the knowledge of using image editing software. This may be a widely used program like Photoshop or open source software that is available for free. The knowledge and the ability to use the editing program will make working in the next era easier.

  • Understanding the business  – Entering business management courses is a way to make people more knowledgeable in business conditions. And sometimes it can be useful for new generation who want to have their own business.


  • Skills to create interesting resume and interview skills – The above mentioned skills will be easily overlooked if you lack the skills to present yourself well enough from the resume and job interview. Especially the interview skills, which will have many articles to read what should be done. What should not be done should not be asked what should not be asked, so modern workers should pay attention to these information. To make a job interview is a time of great value to both parties.

  • Excel Skills – Do not forget to learn how to use Excel because using Excel helps you get things done more easily, especially for finance.

  • Leadership skills – this skill is another essential skill in the modern working world. It requires training in vision. Strategic Planning, Project Management, Communicating with other people in the team to make the business plan put in place can be successful. And can reign with colleagues.

  • Public Speaking Skills – Having said that, speaking skills are essential for everyone. Because effective communication is one of the things that make things work well. Anyone who wants to excel should practice regularly. Or should it be a training course as well.

  • Writing Skills – People with good writing skills can choose the right words. And the ability to create that power is more outstanding than the writings of others, so the writing skills are very necessary as well.

  • Database skills – Because in the next world of work, people need to work with “data” and if they can solve problems in the SQL world, they will become more valuable to the organization.

  • Marketing skills on social media – Even if they are not in PR or marketing, knowing how to market on social media can help us understand the work of others. have a necessary

  • Speaking of languages ​​other than mother tongue – it can be seen that giant companies like FaceBook try to learn Chinese Mandarin. It shows that knowing only one mother tongue is not enough for a business world.

  • Skills to understand the mind of others – is a useful skill in the management. Make work with others as well. They can also see the cultural differences in the working society.

  • Entrepreneurial Speaking Skills – The most important subjects in the world of work may be sales. Talking to investors and investing with us may be another skill that future workers need.

  • Write an application – Today there are ready-made tools for creating multiple applications. So if you have this skill, many people can dream up their own. This may be an application development into the App Store or Play Store.

  • Understand the differences of culture – For the next world, we may need to work together with foreigners. More cultural If you accept this difference. It will make working life happier.

  • Study Tableau 10 – Jack Ma says that the next world judged that information. People who work with data are becoming increasingly demanding in the business world. The people who study Tableau 10 are as well.

  • Statistical Expertise – This subject may be a mecca for many students. But for those who are growing in the data scicence line, it must be used for sure. So I should understand and love this subject very much.