Include technical tips to create an About Us page

It’s easy for consumers to find ads. When consumers click on Link to the site, there are many points that should make it interesting to visit. One of them is the About Us page. A survey conducted by Siega Media found that 22.5% of those who studied the site’s Abouts Us had the opportunity to pay for a product or service more than people who did not click on it. If so, then creating a good About Us page, it should be quite useful as well.

One of the tips of creating a good About Us page is to make the first part of the site. Above the fold, consumers clicked on it is the most interesting information, because 80% of consumers spend more time with this part than the rest because it is the part where they do not have to use the mouse. Go to see it.

In addition, many brands choose to place video clips on the About Us page, which is a good idea because 70% of the Millennials prefer to watch video clips of the company during online shopping. The appeal of the video is pretty (according to the Nielsen Normal Group’s UX Studies study, consumers spend 10% more time on the page if they see it. Instead of reading the text.

However, do not use images from web stocks. Should be a picture of the company. The people who are watching may decide to buy the product, but many brands choose to put a good story about the brand in this section as well.

Finally, the buttons Learn More, Contact Us to remember to put down. The presence of these buttons on the About Us page may increase sales even in the first page of the web.

Tips for About us Page