More than half of consumers search online before making a purchase.

Consumers search online before making a purchase. Recent surveys show that it is not. In addition to the number of online search buyers are increasing all types. Location Search Price comparison And looking for other stores information on the product, the price is also increasing. Among the problems or shortcomings that many people see search engines today are not perfect.

A recent survey by SearchDex research firm, the 2017 Google Game Survey, found that 58% of US consumers searched online before buying a bag, with more than one in four consumers looking for articles or videos. Consumers also use online search to find other retailers’ options for shopping (26%).

Some consumers search products for comparison (25%), while others search online for retail locations (19%).

Overall, about one-third of consumers in the United States say their online shopping often starts with an online search. This figure was higher than the proportion of respondents who said they started directly from the retailer’s website (20%), including those who said they started from retail store websites (18%) and brand websites (15%).

US respondents are not satisfied with the quality of online search results. In part because of SEO techniques and marketing budgets, the results do not match what consumers demand. SearchDex concluded that 39% of search engine users were not happy with the ad. Targeted ads are targeted, while 21% are tired of outdated search results.

18% said the search results did not appear in the first page results, while 17% were frustrated with search results loading time, and 12% had problems with the search results description. It is unclear whether 10% of the visitors can not find the link by keyword or keyword.

Over all, surveys have found that consumers are concerned about privacy, with 68% agreeing that their net surfing history will be sold later.